A Bone Transplant Saves Peter’s Leg

Peter has come through an incredible ordeal with an infection that was just about irreversible.  He would have lost his lower leg had it not been for the amazing skill of the surgeons at Corsu Hospital in Entebbe.  You can see how much of the tibia was rotted and being ejected by the body.  It has been over a year now of complicated surgeries which ultimately required a bone transplant to save Peter’s left tibia.  He was in a such a miserable state a year ago but now he’s like a new kid!  He is SO grateful to you…our supporters!

peter post

ost peter8

Absolutely amazing healing considering he almost lost his lower leg.   It is still a little short but he has a raised shoe and the bone will continue to grow

ost peter9

Peter and his sister who brings him to many of his appts leaving the clinic for one of the last times!

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