Meet the One4Another Team

Glenn Pascoe & Wendy Hayhoe


One4Another is a registered charity founded in 2012 by siblings Glenn Pascoe and Wendy Hayhoe from Cambridge and Kitchener, Ontario.

They created the organization after spending time as volunteers in Uganda knowing that they couldn't come back to Canada without 'doing something' about the great disparity of wealth that exists in the world. 

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Executive Director

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Development Director

We're motivated by the example of Jesus whose focus was on loving one another and in particular those experiencing poverty and children. Our faith, together with seeing the living conditions of many in Uganda, moved us to act.  We began by facilitating operations for 6 kids in 2012 and now we’re operating on upwards of 20 kids per month. It's still pretty small but due to your support we're moving in the right direction!



Olivia Nakabonge

Program Coordinator

Olivia is our lead nurse and is based in her hometown of Jinja, Uganda. In addition to a nursing degree she is continuing her studies in social administration. She facilitates the program on the ground which means: outreach, assessment, consultation with the surgeons, coordination of medical tests, operation schedules, transportation, and follow up care.

Olivia is deeply committed to improving the lives of children in her native country. This is someone who worked for us for the first three months with no pay and no promise of payment. She has the most pleasant and soft demeanor yet she can hold her ground with Uganda's surgeons!

She is at the heart of our program. We give thanks for her every day!

Olivia says...'It gives me much joy to see a child that has been through pain and misery, due to an illness or deformity, smile and even laugh after treatment. It's those smiles that motivate me to even work harder so that more kids can experience the same happiness.'


Toni Nsiiro

Program Nurse

Toni is a program nurse who is helping us expand our capacity in Uganda. He works to get the kids to their appointments and helps facilitate the rehabilitation process which often involves a lot of travel to remote villages. The work is often tedious and progress can be slow which is why the first requirement for hiring our nurses is a genuine love for the children and an affable nature.

Toni says...'I love this work because it brings us close to the community and shows us where the needs are. The parents are so appreciative after seeing the transformation of their child. We get to see hope return after they'd lost all hope.'

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Joel Bossa

Follow Up Care

Joel brings enthusiasm and versatility for a role that is near and dear to our hearts and that is 'follow up care'.   

While also soft spoken Joel has a big heart for the children of Uganda and for service. He has willingly taken on the task of tracking and ensuring that patients are coming for their follow up appointments. This might sound easy but with kids coming from rural villages there are any number of daily obstacles and his job is anything but easy!

Joel has an IT background but has the heart and gifting of a pastor so he brings a unique set of skills to the job. He is one of the reasons we hope to reach many children in the unserved regions of eastern Uganda.

Joel says...'I am in love with this work, because I feel that this is part of the purpose I was created to do...ministering to the people of God, most especially kids. Showing them love and bringing back hope to the hopeless.'

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Steven Kayongo
Community Officer 

Steven is a natural community builder. He has a background in clinic administration but his passion is linking children in villages with treatment that they otherwise would not receive. He works humbly and tirelessly on behalf of our children and with our community leaders.

Steven says...'I really love my work, it gives me joy and peace of mind seeing someone who had lost hope start to chase their dreams again after treatment. I believe that giving is far better than receiving, that is why when it comes to do anything for the kids of Uganda I do it unsparingly.'

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Lillian Poni
Recreation Therapist 

Lillian is a primary school teacher by profession but has joined our team as a recreation and play therapist.

She has an amazing way with children which, for anyone who has struggled to get kids organized and playing well together, is remarkable to watch.  At any given time the clinic is now humming with kids playing board games, doing puzzles, colouring, batting balls, singing and dancing, or it is quiet and calm as Lillian talks to the kids about their lives or reads Bible stories. 

​She is a fantastic addition to the program as we seek to make clinic visits not only medical in nature but also therapeutic so that the kids will always remember feeling loved and feeling important.

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