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Starting Off 2015…A Month in Uganda

 It’s been well over a year since I’ve worked on the ground in Uganda with One4Another.  This post is the first of what will hopefully be many updates on our work with kids in need of surgery

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Dan is now able to Climb Trees!

Dan is a 6 year old who was born with a left clubbed foot and two contracted toes on his right foot.  This condition made it very difficult for him to walk and caused a great deal of pain.  He had surgery

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Murray Finishes Ride Across Canada for O4A Surgeries

This has been a terrific feat on the part of four guys (Wayne, Warren, Stan, and Murray) to ride their bikes from Vancouver to Kitchener all in the support of various charities.  We were the lucky enough

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Lots to be excited about: O4A’s New Website & Blog

We’re very excited to get our new website up and running.  We hope you like it!  This site will make it easier to post blogs and update our supporters on the work in Uganda.

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See How Kato Is Doing After His Repaired Urethra

Circumcision has been rough for Kato.  He had the unfortunate experience of having his urethra perforated during a traditional circumcision in his village. He began peeing out of the perforation.  It

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Local Man Riding his Bike Across Canada for Our Kids!

We are so humbled by what our friend Murray Baker is doing to support our program.  Please read his letter below: Hi All – I have never had a “Bucket List” but what I am proposing here is as close

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Little Sarah’s Eye Defect

  I think most of us would prefer to see stories that are neatly wrapped up where the child goes home fully recovered.  This is not one of those stories.  The truth is we have quite a few kids with

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We Got Interviewed!

We are honoured that our friend Cassie Smith at, Make Your Body Work, has posted an interview that she did with us on their website.  

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Mugafa: Looking Much Better After Surgery

Mugafa’s story as told by Nurse Olivia: Mugafa is 14 years old and is the fourth born in the family of eight children. His dad has other two wives who also have five children each. His parents could

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Can’t Get Emma to Slow Down!

                              Here’s an update on Emma who has come through surgery, multiple casting, crutches, and now

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