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Progress for 9 Month Old Peter

9 month old Peter has been through quite a bit of disruption in his young life.  Both his legs have required work.  The right leg has a clubbed foot and he was born without a tibia/fibia in his left

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Alapha: A Year Later

We are working hard to stay as connected as we can to the kids we’ve worked with.  You might remember Alapha who we worked with on a left clubbed foot.  The last picture was taken this past week

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Ronald’s Leg

Ronald is a 14 year old who has been raised by his grandmother.  He got a small infection in his leg which turned into an abscess. It was incised and drained in a small clinic in his village but it failed

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Edinansi’s Infection

Edinansi is 12 years old and is the last born in the family of 7 children. She originally had a small swelling on her leg which eventually began discharging puss and having a foul smell.  She had been

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The Odd Case of Juma’s Seized Tendons

We’ve been working with 16 year old Juma for a while now.  At 9 years of age Juma suffered severe malaria after which the tendons in his knees seized and he has been unable to straighten them ever

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Zam with Straight Feet!

After surgery on both feet and serial casting to bring them into alignment Zam in now in braces and can wear shoes! She is developing many of the muscles used for walking…muscles that have never

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