The Voice of a Patients’ Mom – Robbinah

We’d like you to hear the voice of one of our patients moms’ thanking O4A for our help.

Our patient is 17 year old Scovia…her surgery was relatively straightforward but the gratitude of her mom and the conviction in her voice seems to tremble from a deep place.  We are humbled by her faith and hope in the face of such scarcity.  Scovia twisted her ankle badly when she fell in a ditch some months ago.

She then had it worked on by a local bone setter.  The foot healed in a deformed position so that she could hardly walk.  She’s had an operation resetting the ankle and is walking well again.  Her mom’s name is Robbinah.  After visiting her home she invited our staff in for African tea.  She then went out and got eggs from her chickens to cook for us.  The voices of these African moms deepen our commitment to our work!