Valentine’s Day Story: Oakville Hockey Team and a Ugandan Boy

This is the a perfect story for Valentine’s Day…no?

Michael is 10 years old and was unable to get any medical care for his severely fractured and infected right femur.  He and his mom had just about given up hope when our nurses were asked if he could be a candidate for our program.  It just so happened that an Oakville minor bantam hockey team decided they wanted to help get Michael up and walking again by sponsoring his surgery.

michael before

Michael unable to walk for 3 months due to severely fractured and infected femur.


Surgery booked and completed within days of finding him. Sponsored by the boys hockey team. External fixator holds femur in place after infected parts removed.

michael crutches

One week later Michael is up out of bed for the first time in months and learning how to use crutches!

 In January, this Oakville hockey team has put Michael back on his feet and not only that but they have taken a personal interest in his recovery!

Oakville Rangers message to michael

A great story came out in the Oakville Beaver about the relationship between these boys and Michael.  Click here to see the write up! Here’s Michael and his dear mom thanking the Oakville Rangers boys!  Is this not a Valentine’s story?