About Our Work

One4Another's primary focus is providing life-changing surgeries for children in Uganda who would never be able to afford it without outside help.

Many children in Uganda grow up with debilitating conditions and diseases which lead to a lifetime of suffering and exclusion from their communities. We can provide them with a brighter, happier future!

Surgical care (including all fees from start to finish) that costs between $200 -$1,000, depending on the condition, can significantly shift the path of a child’s life from one of perpetual poverty to a life with the hope of education and eventually the ability to provide for one’s family.

The surgeries and rehabilitations are being coordinated by our team of Ugandan nurses.  We've partnered with clinics, hospitals, and local surgeons throughout Uganda but our home base is in the town of Jinja.  

(Note: for the majority of patients we cover all costs through private clinics but when we can we partner with subsidized not for profit hospitals and provide transportation, payment for tests, and case management.)

What Do We Do?

Here are some of the conditions we help to treat:

Club feet

Osteomyelitis (bone infections)

Burn Contractures

Fractures & Trauma

Growths & Tumors


Complex Birth Defects

Urological Problems

Cleft Palates

Scroll through the slides below to see how funding is used to significantly improve the lives of these children.​

Here's what successful outcomes look like for some of our patients:

With the intense pressures brought on by poverty parents are often unable to pay for transportation to our clinic let alone pay for their child's surgical fees. These kids need someone to advocate for them, help keep their treatment on course, and to fill in the gaps.

Here's a shot of some of our kids and parents      June, 2016