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Children involved in accidents, born with congenital defects, or who've developed severe infections are subjected to lives of pain, disability, and exclusion but they don't have to be... 

One4Another exists to show the love of Jesus by facilitating essential surgeries - that would otherwise be unaffordable - for children and prevent a lifetime of suffering. 

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"Serving children with Surgical Needs in Uganda"

Children in Uganda often do not have access to essential surgeries which can effect their entire lives. Our goal is to get these children the care they need. Here's a video that will help transport you into our work.


"My boy was in too much pain with no life in him but is now alive because of what you people have done for him."

-Bakari's Mom

Bakari was hit hard by a runaway boda (motorbike taxi) which broke the four longest bones on his right side and exposed his tibia. But with a bit of help he's bounced back as only kids can!


Raphael came to us with an exposed bone from a severe infection. Osteomyelitis is the third most common condition that we treat behind clubfeet and fractures. He now has a new chance at life!