About Us


Executive Director

Glenn Pascoe


Development Director

Wendy Hayhoe


One4Another is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2012 by siblings Glenn Pascoe and Wendy Hayhoe from Cambridge and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

They created the organization after spending time as volunteers in Uganda in 2011 and 2012. Some parents brought their kids to them asking for help accessing surgical care. Not knowing how things worked in Uganda they enlisted the help of a nurse named, Olivia, who has been the Program Coordinator ever since. Glenn and Wendy were so moved seeing parents whose children needed essential surgeries – but who were unable to afford it – that they came back to Canada determined to do something to help. They began by facilitating operations for 6 kids in 2012. At the beginning they had no ambition of becoming an organization but the work quickly began to grow. They are now working on 400 kids per year, have a dedicated staff team, and One4Another has its own surgical center in Jinja, Uganda.

Glenn says, ‘We are thankful beyond words for the privilege of coordinating this work. We’re motivated by the example of Jesus whose focus was on loving one another with special attention to those experiencing poverty, health issues, and children.’


Program Coordinator

Olivia Nakabonge


Lead Program Nurse

Toni Nsiiro


Follow Up Care & Chaplain

Joel Bossa


Community Coordinator

Steven Kayongo


Recreation Therapist

Lillian Poni


Data Officer

Musa Wakirabe



Viola Nabwami