#1 Draft Pick

We’ve got your teams #1 Draft Pick for this season!

The 18th Man Project began in 2014, when the AAA Oakville Rangers partnered with One4Another International to provide an essential surgery for a patient named, Michael. The team funded his surgical care and took Michael on as an honorary team member. It was such a positive experience for the team that the coach began referring to it as the 18th Man Project – as there is 17 players on a hockey team.

Since then, dozens of both boys and girls teams from all over including: Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, Cambridge, Quinte, York Mills, and South Delta (BC) have participated in the 18th Man Project or 18th Girl Project, and have taken on a Ugandan child in need of surgery as the 18th player on their roster.

Over the years this team initiative has spread from hockey to many other sports, where there aren’t necessarily 17 athletes. As a result we’re changing our initiative name from 18th Man/Girl Project to #1 Draft Pick!

You can sign up with us to have your team (any sport) or group (great to do with youth groups, classes, coworkers, etc.) get matched with a child and we’ll facilitate the relationship between your team or group and a child in need of treatment. Consider involving your baseball, volleyball, or soccer team today!

COST | $1290

When it is divided amongst all team members it becomes a very manageable amount to either fundraise or donate but the impact that the team gets to be a part of is life-changing.

Download this infographic and use it to get your team involved!

“We are honoured that we were a part of your amazing program this season. It was a life changing experience for both Zewulensi as well as all my players and their families.
Thank you for everything.”


“We love participating in the 18th Man Project! It is such a great way for the kids to learn how help a child their own age who does not enjoy the same health or health care system that they have.”


“Easily the best thing that came out of our years of minor hockey.”


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