Beyond the Class

Get your class involved with Beyond The Class!

Students will learn that there are children around the world that have to live with debilitating conditions because they can’t afford the cost of treatment. These are conditions that, in Canada, would be corrected automatically and at no cost within our health care system. Your class can sponsor a Ugandan child who cannot afford treatment, and make a lifetime of difference! We do our best to match your class with a child of the same age.

Students can be brought into the whole Beyond The Class process so that they plan and organize the fundraising, learn about budgeting, and see that they can make a very real difference in the life of a child their own age. They will be given regular updates and pass messages back and forth to the child that they are helping.

COST | $1190*
*may vary slightly depending on the condition and age of the child

Use this infographic to help get your class involved!

“I love that the focus of this program is on serving others and learning to put others before ourselves. It’s a critical lesson for kids to learn but in a very tangible way.”


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