Our Work

One4Another’s primary focus is providing life-changing surgeries for children in Uganda who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Many children in Uganda are born with debilitating conditions resulting in a lifetime of suffering and exclusion.  Ugandan parents often find themselves with an impossible decision to make between their families’ financial survival or the life of their child.  These same parents will go deep into debt selling off their most valuable possessions in order to pay for their children’s hospital bills. We don’t think it should be this hard. With the generous support of our donors, we can ease the burden of these families and shift the trajectory of a child’s entire life.

We focus largely on orthopaedics but also do general surgery and more specialized pediatric surgeries.  The majority of our surgeries and rehabilitations are done through our partnership with St. James Surgery & Orthopaedics at our facility in Jinja, Uganda. We partner with hospitals and surgeons outside of our center if more specialized care is required. Surgeries usually cost between $200 – $1,200, depending on the condition.

It’s more than a surgery!

Conditions We Treat



Anal Malformations


Fractures & Traumas


Village Resource Network

The Village Resource Network (VRN) is a group of approximately 20 engaged men and women throughout southeastern Uganda. Most members are either parents of former patients, local pastors, or leaders in their communities. They are volunteers who are motivated to serve children in their area who would otherwise go without treatment for critical conditions.  They facilitate:

REFERRALS | kids with conditions O4A treats
*includes initial discussion with parents

RETENTION | problem solving when patients miss appointments

FOLLOW-UP | ensuring all treatment protocols are followed until discharge

This VRN team is critical in problem-solving and providing a local presence when there are obstacles to successful treatment such as domestic instability, family crisis, or competing traditional beliefs.

We would not be able to do what we do without them!