Good News for Janet!


Many of you have been following the grueling story of Janet’s surgery to correct a birth defect which led to her living with a debilitating neglected colostomy.  The first surgery, which took place back in April, successfully created an opening in her anus and inserted her intestine back inside her abdomen.

This week Janet was taken back to Kampala for a review of her sphincter muscles to see if she is ready for the second surgery to have a ‘pull through’ procedure in which her intestinal tract gets attached to her anus so that she can pass stool normally for the first time in her life.   We received the good news that, it is time!   Now, for the first time in her life, not only will she no longer have her intestines protruding outside her body, she will not even have to wear a colostomy bag (the hole will be closed up).  She has been doing her exercises to strengthen her, up till now, unused sphincter muscles and the doctor says they are working well enough to move forward.  When it’s done there will be a moment of truth to see if everything works!

So, Janet will be heading back to Kampala for this critical operation and will likely need to stay 3-5 days in hospital afterward while she recovers.  We are in the process of setting up the surgery date but we wanted to let you know the good news.  We were able to raise most of the funds needed to cover both of these surgeries but as we head into the second surgery it is now more than what was expected during our fundraising campaign back in April.  In Uganda people would put it this way, ‘the hospital is demanding us more money’.  If you are in a position to help with the last of what is needed to get this second operation covered Janet, her family, and all of us at O4A would be SO grateful!

janet post


janet post2Janet is a very bright 10 year old girl who is thrilled to be going to school – thanks to an O4A supporter.  It is hard to convey just how far she has come in the past 6 months.  Some of you will remember that she did not speak and would not show any expression on her face when we met her in the early part of 2015.  I can still recall how little hope there was in her eyes when we first met almost a year ago.  


Janet 8th